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High quality diesel power generator sets manufactured in China

Nanchang Gosun Technology Co.,Ltd is a sister company of Jiangsu Haut Mechanical Co., Ltd, who has more than 16 years of history and experience in manufacturing generator sets. Our main products are: 5-5000KW diesel generator sets, low noise generator sets, automated generator sets, gas generator sets etc.

We use well-known diesel engines at home and abroad: Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, MTU and Mitsubishi.  Specializing in the R&D and production of general gasoline, diesel, gas engines and their end products. We mainly develops energy-saving frequency conversion generator set, low noise diesel generator set, fully automatic diesel generator set, mobile power station diesel generator set.

The integrity, strength and product quality of Nanchang Gosun Technology Co.,Ltd have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends at all levels to visit our factory and discuss further cooperation.

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Gosun is a professional diesel generator set manufacturer, we appreciate their product quality. Their generator sets have provide my customers with safe and reliable electricity during emergency situation, i earn 30% more profit after our cooperation since 2017.

I am a dealer of Gosun and highly recommend them to anyone seeking any type of prime and backup generator sets. They offer high quality diesel generators and gas powered generators, reasonable price as well as on time delivery.

It is about 5 years since we cooperate with Monica from Gosun for diesel generator sets; frankly speaking, we did a lot of research before finally deciding to cooperate with them for long term, we placed a small order to check the quality, their generators checked all of the boxes and the price is very reasonable for all we get. Since that we have been increasing our orders year by year, and now Gosun is our major generator sets supplier in China.

Monica and her team at Gosun are fantastic to work with! Either small or large order, they helped me a lot. Their generator sets are built of high quality, and they helped me a lot for several customized projects.

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