A diesel generator is a self-contained generator designed to provide emergency power in the event of a power failure. Diesel generators are mostly water tank cooling. In winter or cold areas, or when the temperature is below 0 degrees, the cooling water in the water tank is easy to freeze. At this time, the increase of water volume may destroy the cooling water tank radiator, and the cylinder block will be broken seriously. Therefore, working in winter, especially for diesel generators working in the field, the operator should pay attention to the changes in temperature, especially when the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees, something should be done to ensure the life of the diesel engine.

Check the water tank

Check the cooling water in the radiator tank of the diesel engine and confirm whether the tank is drained. When used in the gas station, the diesel generator set adopts the water cycle to cool the machine system. In order to prevent the diesel engine from being damaged or blocked by the freezing of seasonal water in winter, which will cause the diesel engine body to be scrapped or swollen, the gas station needs to clean the diesel engine circulation water and keep no water in the body under the condition of shutdown.

However, the diesel generator can not drain too early before flameout, and it should run at idle speed. When the cooling water degree drops below 60℃, the water is not hot and then flameout and release water. If the water is released too early, the sudden invasion of cold air when the temperature is high will produce sudden shrinkage, easy to lead to cracks in the body. When draining, the water in the body should be completely discharged so as to avoid its icing expansion caused by the body swelling.

The water-cooled generator set not in use for a long time should exhaust the water-cooled liquid in winter. Generally, when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, turn on the power switch of the water heating device before the engine starts, and preheat it to above 45 degrees Celsius (already set) before starting (Mainly preheat the parts around the cylinder liner of the diesel engine because the diesel engine is compression combustion).

Replace fuel and diesel lubricants

Low temperature makes the flow performance of fuel poor, viscosity increases, resulting in poor combustion. For silent diesel generator set, we should choose light diesel with low freezing point and good ignition performance. Generally, the freezing point of light diesel should be lower than the current local seasonal temperature of 7-10 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in winter is above 0 degrees Celsius. In cold areas, the fuel is -35 light diesel, and the gasoline engine uses unleaded gasoline above 90.

Changing the oil is equally important. General gas station sales of CF-4-15W-40 model lubrication can meet the winter diesel engine lubricating oil needs. If the indoor temperature is lower than 0℃, the viscosity of the lubricating oil increases, which is not conducive to the lubrication of the internal parts of the machine and thus affects the engine start-up. It needs to be replaced with low-viscosity lubricating oil. How to replace the lubricating oil?

  1. Place a flat container under the discharge port of diesel lubricating oil, and disassemble the screw rod with a wrench to slowly discharge the lubricating oil.
  1. Check the oil dipstick to make sure the oil is clean. The dipstick should be wiped clean for easy observation during each inspection.
  1. Tighten the screw at the oil discharge port and slowly inject the lubricating oil with low viscosity into the lubricating oil tank. At the same time, observe the dipstick scale and inject it into the middle scale. The replacement oil should be packed into the barrel. Old lubricating oil can also be discontinued.

Antifreeze should be added when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, taking 30KW Cummins generator set 4T3.9-G2 as an example, the coolant capacity is about 25L.

Check other parts

The harsh working environment in winter makes it necessary to replace the air filter element. Because of the cold and dry weather on the air filter element and diesel engine filter element requirements are particularly high. In order to prevent diesel engine smoke from igniting flammable or combustible materials, it is necessary to check the fire cap switch to make it in daily closed state.

The output power of the diesel generator set is generally about 10KWA. In order to ensure the best performance, only the electricity of the computer of the production and command system is reserved during use. The high-power electrical equipment such as air conditioning and water pump at the gas station can be not turned on to avoid the burning of the equipment or the damage of the generator set caused by excessive load.

Tips for diesel generators maintenance in winter

  1. When the temperature is below 5℃, the engine should be heated with water or steam before starting. That is, about 70℃ of clean water is injected into the diesel tank, to be preheated to 30-40℃ above the start (the main preheating cylinder, because the general diesel engine for compression combustion).
  2. Start after water injection, close the reducing valve with the left hand and start the electric start switch, but do not loosen the reducing valve, so operate 4-5 times, about one minute each time. Such as preheating and lubrication of diesel engine parts to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and pay attention to the diesel engine to determine whether there is abnormal sound.
  3. After the operation, it is necessary to drain the water in the diesel tank in time, and pour the water into a place that does not affect the production or living, so as to prevent injuries or other accidents caused by icing.
  4. In order to avoid or reduce the release of water can be added in the tank of antifreeze, but in the process of use with water consumption in time to add and maintain sufficient.
  5. Choose -10# oil or lower oil, the remaining oil in the diesel engine needs to be drained in time.
  1. It is strictly prohibited to start a diesel generator with open fire. The air filter can not be taken off. Dip cotton yarn in diesel and ignite it to make kindling and place it in the intake pipe of diesel generator. In this way, the outside air will not be filtered and directly inhaled into the diesel generator cylinder in the startup process, resulting in abnormal wear of the piston, cylinder and other parts. A filter can also be used to spray the starter solutions.
  2. Low-temperature load operation. The diesel generator set can not be loaded immediately after starting fire. Because the body temperature is low and the oil viscosity is large, the oil is not easy to fill the friction surface of the moving parts, which causes serious wear of the machine. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and injector springs are also prone to breakage due to “cold and brittle”. Therefore, after starting the engine in winter, it should run for a few minutes without load before adding the load.