Compared with other power generation equipment, the diesel generator set has the characteristics of a small area, compact structure, flexible control and rapid start-up, and has been widely used in the civil construction field. The selection of diesel generators is based on the power of the required load, and the higher the power, the higher the price. What is the common power of a diesel generator set? How to choose the right diesel generator power?

The common power of a diesel generator set is also called continuous power or long line power, which is usually used as standby power or maximum power. Diesel generator sets generally use kVA or kW to indicate power, kVA is the capacity of the unit, which is rated power. kW indicates the electrical power, which is the effective power. The factoring relationship between the two can be understood as 1kVA=0.8kW. It is recommended to clearly design the power consumption load requirements before purchasing, and it is generally recommended to use effective power kW. The power class of diesel generator sets generally includes small diesel generator sets (10~200 kW); Medium diesel generator sets (200~600 kW); Large diesel generator sets (600~2000 kW).

The maximum power of diesel generator set that can be used continuously within 24 hours is called continuous power, and in a certain period of time, the standard is that every 12 hours within 1 hour can be overloaded by 10% on the basis of continuous power. The power of the unit at this time is what we usually call the maximum power, that is, the standby power, that is to say, If you buy the main 400kw unit, then you have 1 hour within 12 hours can run to 440kw, if you buy the standby 400kw unit, if you do not overload usually open in 400kw, in fact, the unit has been open in the overload state (because the actual rated power of the unit is only 360KW). This causes damage to the unit and shortens its life. Choosing the right power for industrial or commercial diesel generators is an important issue, why?

When we talk about generator power, we are more concerned with “wattage” power than physical size. You will see that generators are measured in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW), which are measurements of electricity or the power provided by the generator. When your office appliances or related equipment requires more power than the rated power of your generator, it can cause some problems. On the one hand, you may encounter something called a “voltage drop.” To maintain the voltage you require, a diesel generator may slow down to limit the equipment’s current. When we ask a diesel generator to exceed its rated power, we may encounter problems such as flashing or dimming lights and slowing down AC equipment.

A diesel generator with the wrong power may cause damage to the machine. In some cases, diesel generators can overwork leading to overheating, and overworked generators can break down or otherwise damage, which can either completely burn out the appliances or equipment connected to the generator or greatly shorten their service life.

A low-power generator that is asked to provide more power than it can handle may slow down and reduce its voltage, but it may therefore show signs of overload. If the power of a diesel generator is too small for the electrical requirements, it may start running fast, giving off too much heat, outpacing its fans to try to cool the equipment, etc. This means the generator is struggling to filter or there is a blockage inside the equipment. Decent overheating can lead to a fire – or even an explosion! Overuse can also be achieved by burning out alternators, stators, and other expensive parts that are not worth replacing if hit compared to buying new equipment.

We should be aware that if a diesel generator has more power than the actual demand, we need to pay attention not only to the initial cost of the generator but also to the operating cost. If you have a diesel generator, this will mean paying more fuel to fill a larger tank and may require more maintenance costs to maintain a larger unit. Therefore, we should choose the right brand, wattage, fuel type, and installation program.

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