Perkins Diesel Generator

Founded in 1932 as a manufacturer of engines, Perkins Engines is a leader in the market for non highway usage diesel and natural gas engines from 4 kw to 2000 kW. Perkins is committed to customizing its engines to meet the specific needs of its customers and is trusted by equipment manufacturers. With this advantage, the company currently supplies engines to more than 1,000 major equipment manufacturers worldwide, which are used in more than 5,000 different applications covering five major markets: agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power generation equipment, industrial equipment and material handling equipment.

Perkins diesel generators use the original Perkins engine, which has a complete product range, wide power coverage, excellent stability, reliability, durability and service life, which can provide customers with low operating costs and fast return cycle, is widely used in communications, industrial, outdoor engineering, mining, anti-risk, military and other fields. Perkins’ global service network provides customers with a reliable service guarantee.

The Perkins diesel generators produced by our company are made of Perkins diesel engines from UK Perkins. Our company has decades of experience in the production of Perkins diesel generator sets. The Perkins series diesel generator sets are characterized by small size, light weight, strong power, energy saving, high reliability and easy maintenance to meet different customers’ demand.

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