MTU Diesel Generator

MTU series environmental friendly high power diesel generator sets are equipped with the German DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes-Benz) MTU electronic jet diesel engines. The history of MTU dates back to the mechanized era of the eighteenth century.

As early as 1883, MTU developed the first high-speed internal combustion engine for vehicle usage. In 1901, it designed and manufactured the world-famous Mercedes car, and later developed a variety of high-end luxury models and engines. In 1909, the design and manufacture of aircraft engines began. In 1923, high-performance diesel engines were produced. Till now, it has produced more than 174,000 engines and users all over the world.

Germany MTU 2000 series and 4000 series are currently most advanced diesel engines. It was developed and manufactured by the German engine turbine alliance Friedrich Schiffen GmbH (MTU) in 1997. It is an advanced design and equipped with the world’s first electronic management system MDEC, which changes the traditional high voltage fuel pump. The concept of MDEC is similar to the electric spray on a “senior sedan” (one cylinder corresponds to one electric spray pump). MDEC electronic management system, which is equivalent to installing an industrial computer on the MTU 2000 and 4000 series engines, and many sensors are connected to the computer through many cables, and the modules in the computer are solidified before leaving the factory to ensure under different environment and different working conditions, a good amount of electric spray can be given: injection pressure, fuel injection amount, fuel injection angle, injection opening and closing time; each series including five models : 8 cylinders, 12 cylinders, 16 cylinders,18 cylinders and 20 cylinders, the output power range is from 270KW to 2720KW. The excellent quality of the MTU engine is in line with our philosophy of reliability, advanced technology, superior performance, environmental protection and long service life.

The MTU diesel generator set produced by our company is made up of the well-known German Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes-Benz) MTU electronic jet diesel engine. As a professional diesel generator set manufacturer, our company produces MTU diesel engine generator sets with advanced technology, excellent performance, environmental protection and long service life.

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