Cummins Diesel Generator

Cummins is world’s leading manufacturer of power generation equipment, designing, manufacturing and distributing engines and related technologies including fuel systems, control systems, air intake system, filtration systems, exhaust gas treatment systems and power systems, and providing corresponding after-sales services.Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana,United States, Cummins provides services to global customers through its 550 distribution facilities and more than 5,000 dealer locations in more than 160 countries.

GSY design and manufacture Cummins diesel generator set powered by Cummins engine come from Dongfeng Cummins Engine Corporation, Chongqing Cummins Engine Corporation and Cummins Inc, features of advanced technology, reliable performance, high combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption, long working time, coupled with the original Wuxi Stanford alternator,it can still provide reliable power even in extremely harsh environment.

Cummins diesel generator sets advantage
1. After several parallel Cummins generator sets are connected, the power supply to the load is equivalent to a high power generator set. It is easy to decide to open how many machines according to the size of the load (the Cummins diesel generator set consumes the lowest fuel under the rated load of 75%), so as to save diesel fuel and reduce the purchasing cost of the generator. Especially with the continuous development of the economy, energy is becoming more and more tense, and saving diesel has become quite important.
2, to achieve uninterrupted power supply to ensure the normal production of the factory, when the diesel generator set needed to be switched, the standby generator set can be turned on first, then the original running generator set is stopped, no need to power off during the switch.
3. Multiple Cummins generator sets are connected in parallel. When the load suddenly increases, the current surge is evenly shared by multiple generator sets, so that each generator set is reduced in force, voltage and frequency are stable, and the service life of the generator set can be prolonged.
4, Cummins user can easily find a service center in the world, even Iran, Cuba. Moreover, the Cummins engie parts is fewer, the reliability is high, and the maintenance is relatively convenient.

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