Company Profile

Nanchang GSY Technology Co.,Ltd was set up by backbone and technicians of the original Yiwu Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd, who has more than 20 years of history and experience in manufacturing generator sets. Our main products are: 5-2500KW gas power generation sets, diesel generator sets, low noise generator sets, automated generator sets.

The company is a new type of environmental protection enterprise established under the guidance of the technology strategy of various technology platforms, focusing on the research of low carbon environmental protection and renewable energy utilization. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and technical consulting services of diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, gas engine parts and biomass waste gasification power generation systems.

After years of research on the fields of combustion engine generators and biomass waste gasification systems, the company has accumulated many years of practical experience and successfully developed gas generators with power ranging from 10KW to 2500KW through redesigning and remanufacturing. Customized a variety of domestic and foreign engine brands. The company’s gas generator sets produce clean energy by using natural gas, biogas, biomass gas, coking gas, and producer gas as fuel.

The company successfully developed a modular design of biomass gas waste gasification power generation system, product ranging from 50KW to 5000KW ( maximum module unit 1000KW), can be operated according to customer needs for multiple units. According to the customer’s raw materials, we can design customized gasification power generation systems of various specifications. The company’s gasification system raw materials: straw, wood chips, garbage, livestock manure and other biomass energy.

The integrity, strength and product quality of Nanchang GSY Technology have been recognized by the industry. Welcome friends at all levels to visit our factory and discuss further cooperation.